Whitmore House

Hello and Welcome to Whitmore House at William Edwards

My name is Mr Greenwood and I’ m proud to be head of Whitmore house. The Pastoral System at William Edwards School is traditionally based on a House System. When a student joins the school, he or she is allocated to one of the four Houses. Whitmore House consists of 10, mixed-year tutor groups, where students are seated in family groups and the older students support the younger ones. There are approximately 300 student members of Whitmore House and 16 members of teaching staff.

Whitmore House is the youngest House in William Edwards School and I am proud to be its leader. Our aim is to support each member of the House to become the best that he or she can be. We endeavour to achieve this by working with students and their parents/carers, being like an extended family for our students, providing stability and care and nurturing a sense of belonging and pride.

We extend learning and awareness of current affairs through tutor activities and assemblies, we nurture a caring outlook through promoting charity events, we organise extra-curricular activities to allow students to socialise outside the school environment and we liaise with the Pastoral Managers to ensure our students are well supported if they are going through a personal crisis. We support our students with their educational achievements by having one-to-one sessions with each student about their grades and progress every term and put interventions in place if the student is struggling.

One way in which we can shine as a House is through inter-house events. Our coat of arms portrays a lion figurehead and so we like to think that we have the strength and ferocity of our lion when it comes to sporting events. We are a competitive House and aim to win all our inter-house sporting events. We have some very talented sportspeople in Whitmore but without the support of everyone we cannot succeed – it is the taking part that is important and we encourage all our students to play a role in inter-house events and support their House.

Whitmore House has an active House Council, with students meeting every fortnight to discuss issues, suggest changes and drive improvements. This helps invoke a feeling of ownership for our students as well as giving them a real voice in how the school functions. The work of the council is invaluable in keeping the House relevant to the needs of the student body.

I strive for excellence for Whitmore House and I am always looking for ways to improve. If you have any suggestions about how we can achieve even greater success please do not hesitate to contact me at greenwoodl@wes.swecet.org 

Mr Greenwood

House Leader, Whitmore

For the Whitmore Tutor Timetable 19.20 please click HERE