Warren House

Hello and welcome to Warren House at William Edwards

My name is Miss Cook and I am proud to be the House Leader for Warren house. Warren are fortunate to have a fantastic team of tutors and co tutors who endeavour to provide the best care, guidance and leadership for the 300 plus students who were selected to become part of the Warren family.

One key aim within Warren is to promote friendship, teamwork, excellence and competition within the setting of an outstanding school. We do this by providing Warren students with a variety of challenges and enjoyable activities on a daily basis such as inter tutor competitions and inter house sporting and academic games. When students and tutors are not desperately trying to shake last position on sports day, we could be filming the latest lip syncing video or launching wellies across the playground to score points to win the coveted Warren house cup. Aside from hard work and dedication to your studies, we believe success in Warren go hand in hand with a positive attitude, an excellent sense of humour and a desire to do better.

During tutor time activities such as year group discussions, the teaching of SMSC values and current affairs discussions takes place on a fortnightly time table. This year tutor time will also include a short ‘snap literacy’ session on Monday mornings for students to brush up on their literacy skills. In all aspects of the House system, participation, effort and achievement are rewarded. Students can expect prizes and postcards home for the highest number of positive SIMS, average effort scores and prizes to recognise excellence or good sportsmanship.

All tutors within Warren House work together to improve the house system so all students are getting the best experience possible. Furthermore, all students within Warren are offered the opportunity to voice their opinions through the School Council and by becoming a Tutor Representative for their tutor group. Each year we also elect a group of House Captains and Sports Captains who work hard to improve the house identity and students day-to-day experience within school, from break times, canteen food to school uniform and homework

Our final aim within Warren is to support students with both their curricular and pastoral provision at school to provide opportunities for students to develop the skills, experiences and attributes required to become well rounded and confident individuals; who will not only succeed outside school but also be emotionally ready for the wider world.
If you have any questions or feel you need to speak with me directly regarding your child’s happiness, progress and success at school, please do not hesitate to contact me at: cookg@wes.swecet.org

Miss G. Cook

House Leader, Warren

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