We believe that in order for our pupils to be safeguarded effectively, we must foster and sustain a clear culture of safeguarding across the school. We were delighted that in May 2019 Ofsted recognised this culture by stating that “pupils say that they feel safe, and that there are staff whom they can go to when they are worried about things”. They also stated that, “Pupils feel that staff are vigilant and dedicated, and ‘go the extra mile’ to support pupils’ personal and academic needs”

The Designated Safeguarding Lead is Ms Claire Grime (Assistant Headteacher) and the Deputy Safeguarding Lead is Ms Amanda Wood (Deputy Headteacher).

Contact Details:

Ms C. Grime [email protected]

Ms A. Wood [email protected]

The school also use an email address for pupils and parents to report concerns. The address is [email protected]

Pastoral Staff

Mrs Keily Taylor (Pastoral Manager)

Mrs Karla Heighway (Pastoral Manager)

Mrs Tracey Sutton (Family Support Worker)