Following staff consultation and a parent focus group meeting,  the following practices will be in place from September 2019 in order to further improve our homework strategy.

Rationale for Homework :

  • To encourage independence and a responsible work ethic in students.
  • To support and embed learning, leading to positive student outcomes.
  • To support the development of student skills regarding study for linear exams.

Overriding Principles :

  • Homework is to be encouraged and rewarded by WES staff, and parents should be informed if homework is not completed. If it is not completed or completed to an appropriate level, a note will be added to sims, but this will not carry a behaviour point. Lack of homework or homework of poor quality will be reflected in effort grades at data collections throughout the year. PLEASE NOTE THAT PUPILS CANNOT ACHIEVE A 4 FOR EFFORT IF THERE IS HOMEWORK MISSING OR IT IS OF POOR QUALITY. Homework Club should also be accessed.
  • In particular, effort with homework should be rewarded – but low achievement due to ability or misunderstanding should not be punished, and support will be provided.
  • Homework should be appropriately differentiated for the students’ ability and circumstances.
  • MILK is to be used by all staff for setting homework.
  • Feedback should be timely and focus on improvement and embedding learning.

A summary of the Homework programme can be found by clicking the link below:

WES Homework 2019

Years 7-9 Blue Books – key principles:

  • focuses on developing literacy and numeracy skills;
  • encourages independence and greater parental involvement with homework;
  • encourages the development of better presentation skills;
  • provides high quality support materials for pupils and parents;
  • gives all pupils the opportunity to achieve at Gold/Silver/Bronze level;
  • involves tutors more closely in pupils’ academic progress;
  • underpins success at KS4 across all subjects;
  • makes absolutely clear what the minimum expectation is for homework.

For reading books, students have an option to either use a book of their own choice, or select one of their Accelerated Reader books from the term. Accelerated Reader books are provided by the Library and distributed during English lessons. To select these books, students undertake a star reading age test within lesson, giving them an age and zone they should get a book from; therefore, supporting individual differentiation throughout the homework.

To support the completion of the homework, the school will provide each pupil with a high quality hard backed project book at no cost. Pupils are expected to maintain the highest standards of presentation in these books, and they will need to be replaced at a cost of £5 if they are lost or damaged. Ultimately, this is an opportunity for your son/daughter to produce a creative record of their developing literacy skills, and should be maintained with pride.

Each literacy project will now be available in 2 bands – a HOT menu, and a MILD menu. Tutors will guide pupils to the appropriate level.

Parent Guide

Parent Guide 2018-19


Students are encouraged to show high levels of creativity and presentation, here are some examples of last year’s work: