“Pupils are clear about what is expected of them”

“Pupils are courteous, confident and kind. They express themselves articulately and interact with one another well during breaktimes and lunchtimes”

Ofsted, May 2019

William Edwards has high expectations of our pupils and staff.

The school has an established culture of high aspiration, high expectation and personal success for all our students. Our aim is to provide an outstanding learning experience within a safe, disciplined and caring environment.

Throughout their educational career at William Edwards, students will be offered a wide range of curricular and extra-curricular opportunities to extend their knowledge and skills base, activities which will help to prepare them in many ways for their future careers and for life. Students will engage in a learning journey which will challenge and inspire them, one which will see them progress and grow into independent, confident and respectful young people.

Partnerships with parents and carers are valued highly by all staff at William Edwards, and are essential to a student’s successes. By sharing the same educational goals and working together, we are able to form the solid foundation which enables the highest levels of achievement for the young people in our care. We look forward to working with you to ensure the success of your child.