School Day

Students should arrive each morning by 8:25am and be lined up ready for morning registration by 8:30am.

School finishes at 3.20pm on Mondays and at 3.05 pm Tuesdays to Fridays; although there are many clubs and sporting events that run, both before and after school, which your child may wish to attend.

Changes to the School Day

08:35 amRegistration08:35 amRegistration
08:40 amAssembly08:40 amAssembly
08:55 amPeriod 108:55 amPeriod 1
09:55 amPeriod 209:55 amPeriod 2
10:55 am1st BREAK10:55 am1st BREAK
11:15amPrep bell11:15amPrep bell
11:20amPeriod 311:20amPeriod 3
12:20pmPeriod 412:20pmPeriod 4
1:20pm2nd BREAK1:20pm2nd BREAK
1:45 pmPrep bell1:45 pmPrep bell
1:50 pmPeriod 51:50 pmPeriod 5
2:50 pmRegistration2:50 pmRegistration
3:20 pmEnd of School3:05 pmEnd of School