DofE Bronze Expedition update

Bronze DofE participant reminder: Our DofE Bronze assessment expeditions run this weekend!
Kit Check: As this is the assessment, and as outlined on the expedition letter, you are required to bring your bags in for a ‘kit check’ on Thursday after-school – Anytime between 3 and 5pm. Please meet in the Hall with your bags packed and ready to show your assessors (Food does not need to be packed in at this point). A list of ‘need to haves’ has been uploaded to the Twitter page so you can see what you assessor will request to see.
Mobile Phones: Students should not be carrying or using personal mobile phones. However, they should agree on using one student’s phone as an ‘emergency phone’ during the weekend. This phone should be bought along with a battery pack charger, and it will be wrapped up safely, only to be used in the event of an emergency to contact the staff present.
Expedition: Please meet at 7am in the Visitors reception car park on your day of departure (Friday or Sunday). You are advised to bring sun cream and AT LEAST 2 litres of water due to the current warm weather conditions. Fresh water will be available at every checkpoint with staff and at the campsite, for you to refill.
Parents/carers: We aim to be back by 5.30pm on our day of return, however this is dependent on students’ end time; for specific travel updates please follow WES_DoEBronze18 on Twitter. Any questions please contact Miss Rawson via email: