Warren House Newsletter Christmas 2018

Good afternoon,

Term one seems to have passed by very quickly this year and it is once more time for the annual Warren Christmas Newsletter.

Tutor groups have been competing to win the much coveted inter-tutor cup which is up for grabs at the end of each term.  Champions this term are Miss Levine’s tutor group who have scored a record breaking 61 points!  Tutees celebrated with an afternoon tea of cakes and juice during Tuesday’s pm registration.  Challenges included musical chairs, hula hooping, the great Christmas quiz and the basketball shoot out, to name but a few; a massive well done to all who took part.

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Warren House Rewards Round Up Summer 2018

Hello Warren House!

Congratulations on making it to the end of academic year 2018, doesn’t it feel like this year has been a particularly long one, but how lovely it has been to have such beautiful weather to see us into the summer holidays.

Unfortunately, our resident journalist, Mia Brien, is about to embark on the annual year 10 trip to the South of France so she has left the job of ‘term review’ to her favourite house leader.

Warren House has to say farewell to three very well-loved form tutors: Miss Dove, Miss Laura Duffy and Mr Farrell are moving on to brand new schools for September. Although Warren House will not be the same without you, we wish you the best of luck and hope that you won’t miss us too much. We are sure that Miss Duffy will have a wonderful wedding day and hope that the Irish weather will be kind to you!

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Warren House Newsletter 29th March 2018

Hello, my name is Mia Brien and I am year 10 Senior House Captain for Warren. It has been another action packed term for students in warren and I have provided you with a summary below.

Every tutor in Warren has taken part in a tutor challenge every other week, which include activities such as: Christmas jumper challenge where the tutor with the most pupils wearing a jumper got the highest points, The ‘keepy uppy’ football challenge, a timed balloon over and under challenge for 10 tutees in each tutor, longest trail of coins to raise money for foodbanks, best hair style, Lego sculpture, timed cup stacking and crème egg the and spoon race.

Last Tuesday during the very competitive egg and spoon race Miss McGrane’s tutor took the lead with Charlotte Wood coming first, unfortunately this saw Mr Hamilton drop from 1st to 2nd place which meant the warren trophy has changed hands once again and is back with SLM’s tutor. The tutees were rewarded with breakfast on the 27th of March and will have fast passes for the queues at break times.

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Warren House Newsletter December 2017

Hello, my name is Mia Brien and I am year 10 Senior House Captain for Warren House. This term there have been some great achievements by students within Warren; some of them are mentioned below.

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Warren Tutor Challenge – Basketball Hoops

Basketball hoops in 30 seconds

1st Place: Delvin Amarh (LAD) – 9 Hoops

Joint 2nd Place: 2nd Place Kolade, Tomiwa, &  Humayoun

tutor challenge

Well done to everyone who took part.

Mrs Merrigan

Emma Sweeney SLM (2)

Warren Tutor Challenge – Bake Off 2017

It was another fantastic year for the students who took part in the Warren ‘Bake Off’ Tutor Challenge.

House Captains were given the difficult task of scoring each entry for both taste and presentation. With some very full tummies the three overall winners were chosen and points were allocated to tutor groups.

A massive ‘Well done!’ to Emma Sweeney (SLM) for her unicorn cake extravaganza; complete with different coloured pink and purple sponge layers and edible horn! And to joint 2nd place winners, Adam Smith (ASH) and Laila Richards & Layla Whiffen (NSF).

Congratulations to everyone who took part.

Mrs Merrigan