Blue Boy Dance Workshop

Last week, Year 9 students who have opted to study GCSE dance took part in a workshop with Olivier Award winning troupe ‘Boy Blue’. They couldn’t wait to show you what they created in our Cultural Showcase event. What did you think of them?


Warren House Rewards Round Up Summer 2018

Hello Warren House!

Congratulations on making it to the end of academic year 2018, doesn’t it feel like this year has been a particularly long one, but how lovely it has been to have such beautiful weather to see us into the summer holidays.

Unfortunately, our resident journalist, Mia Brien, is about to embark on the annual year 10 trip to the South of France so she has left the job of ‘term review’ to her favourite house leader.

Warren House has to say farewell to three very well-loved form tutors: Miss Dove, Miss Laura Duffy and Mr Farrell are moving on to brand new schools for September. Although Warren House will not be the same without you, we wish you the best of luck and hope that you won’t miss us too much. We are sure that Miss Duffy will have a wonderful wedding day and hope that the Irish weather will be kind to you!

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Rokell Rewards Review Summer 2018

Dear All,

We would like to take this opportunity at the end of the Summer Term to talk to you about Rokell’s achievements since April and throughout the entire academic year.

To celebrate the end of this term, a variety of different achievement awards and rewards were given out in House Assembly this week to congratulate individuals and tutor groups for showing such high levels of effort and hard work.

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DofE update

As we close on the DofE expedition season, we would like to say a final big thank you and well done to all students involved in all levels of the Duke of Edinburgh Award this year. Your hard work and commitment was exemplary, and we are delighted that you all passed your expeditions. A separate thank you must go to all teachers involved in all trips to support the students.

To finalise your award, all other sections (Physical, Skill and Volunteering) must be completed on eDofE before the 1st of October; with our Awards Evening following in November. If you have any difficulties, please see Miss Rawson.

Finally, this past week annual participant figures for the DofE Award were shared across the area. We are very pleased to have the highest number of award starts (totalling 203 across all levels) and awards achieved (totalling 144 across all levels) over the past year within the Thurrock area. Even better, we are incredibly happy to announce that our numbers have risen even further next year, with a current 180 signed up for Bronze, 108 for Silver, and a view to run Gold for the second time. We, as a school, are very proud of these high levels of involvement and would like to thank all students, staff, parents and the local community for their support. We look forward to working with the new cohorts over the course of the next year!

Miss Rawson


We are appealing for help regarding the recent mindless, repeated break-ins at Chadwell Primary School.

Over the last two weekends, the school has been broken into on a number of occasions and the criminals have caused significant damage.
This has created upset for pupils and staff and costs considerable amounts of money to repair the damage.
This is money that cannot then be spent on the children.

These children are part of your local community. If you have any information, please contact the school on: 01375 843280 or Crimestoppers on: 0800 555111.

Wednesday 18th July SWECET Cultural Showcase

Wednesday 18th July SWECET Cultural Showcase 

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Silver DofE update

Congratulations to all Year 10 students who PASSED their Silver DofE Assessment this weekend.
Your hard work, commitment and motivation was fantastic throughout the weekend – even with the heat and all those hills! It was a pleasure to take you away.
Well done on passing, and we hope to see you at the Awards Evening in November once you have signed off your other sections. Miss Rawson

UNIFORM UPDATE – Warm weather – Sunday 15th July 2018

UNIFORM UPDATE – Warm weather – Sunday 15th July 2018

Due to the temperatures forecast this week we will be extending our amended uniform requirements for another week.

Students may leave blazers at home if they wish. Girls do not need to wear tights but should either wear black uniform trousers, or wear black or white ankle socks as an alternative. All other aspects of uniform remain unaltered.

Thank you.

GCSE Art and Photography Exhibition 2018

GCSE Art and Photography Exhibition 2018 Wednesday 18th July 3.30pm – 6.30pm in the Main Hall.


Year 8 visit Stifford Clays Primary School

Today, Miss McGrane and Miss Wilding took 10 students to Stifford Clays Primary School.

Whilst there, they went into Reception and shared the KS1 reading books which they had been making the previous half term. The work they had produced was outstanding and the behaviour they demonstrated whilst on the trip was phenomenal.

All of our students showed great maturity and leadership skills and we were both extremely proud of what we saw.

Well done year 8!

Year 9 Community Support Programme

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who promoted and supported the Year 9 Community Support Programme this year. Through your efforts, a total of 570 individual food items (mainly tinned and other non-perishable) were collected and donated to Thurrock Food Bank yesterday. The Food Bank is very appreciative of your kindness, knowing the food items will make a significant impact on many vulnerable families in Thurrock.

William Edwards dancers at the Grand Prix

Congratulations to the dancers who performed on the grid at the Grand Prix on Sunday. Your hard work and professionalism paid off. It was an excellent show.
Mrs Jarman

Aidan Stevens

We are sure that many friends, families and former students of William Edwards will be aware of tragic death of Aidan Stevens whilst on holiday in Croatia recently.

If anyone would like to support Aidan’s family, there is a crowdfunding page here:

Aidan’s funeral takes place tomorrow and our thoughts are with his parents and family at this time.

Disneyland, Paris 2018

William Edwards dancers and choir on the Walt Studios Stage at Disneyland, Paris.

Uniform update – Warm Weather – Sunday 8th July 2018

UNIFORM UPDATE – Warm weather – Sunday 8th July 2018

Due to the temperatures forecast this week we will be extending our amended uniform requirements for another week.

Students may leave blazers at home if they wish. Girls do not need to wear tights but should either wear black uniform trousers, or wear black or white ankle socks as an alternative. All other aspects of uniform remain unaltered.

This will be reviewed next weekend for the following week. We will ensure that you are kept informed via the usual channels.

Thank you.

Stempel ReadyGolf 960x540

WES Ready?

Your child should bring home a short booklet of activities today that they can complete over the summer to help them get ‘WES Ready’. There is a copy of the booklet here, in case the original gets lost. Tick off each activity as it is accomplished and bring the booklet in on the first day of term.

Please note that school finishes at 3.20 pm on Mondays and 3.05pm Tuesday to Friday.

Click Here to view the Booklet on the Website.


Reminder for Sunday:
Please meet at Woodlands School at 5am (don’t be late!)
Address: Woodlands School, Warley Street, Brentwood CM13 3LA
Make sure you have with you the appropriate footwear and plenty of water.

Remember to set your alarm! See you then, Mrs Jarman.

Year 6 Induction Week – Day 4

Year 6 Induction Week – Day 4

Last day tomorrow Year 6 – PE again, so remember to bring your PE kit.
I expect that you are all feeling tired with so many new things you have had to learn this week.

Induction Week – Day 3

Year 6 Super Stars: just over half-way through the week now; two more days to go.
No more PE until Friday