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Dear Parent / Guardian

You are invited to our Thurrock Campus Open Event where you can find out all the information you need to help you and your son / daughter choose the next stage in their education . Tutors will be on hand throughout the evening to give advice and explain what our courses involve should your son / daughter choose to study at South Essex College.

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Year 9 Options 2019

Art, Craft and Design

Introduction The Art, Craft and Design GCSE is made up of two elements, portfolio work and the final exam. The portfolio work will be created in Year 10  and the first term of Year 11.  You will complete 2 projects in this time. The portfolio mark will account for 60% of your final grade.

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GCSE Contingency Arrangements

For Yr 11 students and their parents:

The Exam Boards have issued a ‘Contingency Day’ for the first time – this is for any exams affected by a national / local unexpected event that disrupts the exam timetable. This means that all students will need to keep this date free throughout the period of their timetabled exams just in case anything should disrupt them – the exam boards will only use this facility in the most extreme situation, and it cannot be used independently by schools or individuals. The date is June 26th 2019. Please bear this in mind.

Year 11 Revision Support

Planning Your Revision Like every other kind of study, you will feel much more in control of revising for exams if you plan your revision and decide which strategies to use to mate it as effective as possible. Five reasons to think positively about exams

  1. Exams motivate your study – everything you learn in your courses can help you in your exams.
  2. Exams are great opportunity to show what you can do. Potentially, good exam results could unlock some really exciting doors in your life.
  3. The people who are marking your exam paper want to give you all the marks they can.
  4. Your teachers are exam experts. You have access to all their expertise to help you do your best.
  5. Preparing for exams gives you experience of building up to a big challenge. This is useful experience for whatever you go on to do after school.

Planning ahead Everyone is at least a little bit nervous about exams. You can use that nervous energy to get lots done, but it can also make it harder to think coolly and calmly about how to do your revision. That is why it makes a lot of sense to plan out your revision well in advance of your exams. Your teachers will let you know when to start. Studies have found that certain learning techniques can really help students perform better. You just need to find which techniques work for you.

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Snow/Bad Weather Arrangements

Snow/Bad Weather Arrangements

Given the forecast for some wintry weather later in the week, here are the school’s procedures with regard to snow and bad weather. The school will close only in exceptional circumstances, therefore please assume that the school will be open. The school will only close, or close to some year groups, in the event of

1. a facility malfunction in the building, e.g. boiler breaking down/power failure, or

2. a substantial number of staff  not being able to reach their place of work, otherwise the school will remain open. In the unlikely event of closure this will be posted first on the school’s Facebook page and Website www.williamedwards.org.uk.

Where possible we will endeavour to send a text message out. Again should you be uncertain, please assume the school is open. In the event of the weather seriously deteriorating during the school day, students will normally be kept in school until the end of the afternoon and released at the normal time.

In the unlikely event of an unforeseen early closure we will endeavour to make contact with you via text or email (with telephone contact where necessary). No student would be released until this had happened. During cold weather students may wear additional layers of clothing to keep them warm including:

  • a warm coat or jacket in line with school uniform guidance (plain, dark colours) although these will need to be removed inside buildings.
  • a black school v-neck jumper under their blazer.
  • a white thermal layer under their shirt or blouse.

Unfortunately, for health and safety reasons, we cannot allow students to play with snow. Therefore, snowballing and other such games are banned and students will generally be kept indoors during breaks. Finally, can I ask that if you drive your child to school that you drop them a safe distance away from the site to avoid potential accidents during busy times.

Thank you for your support in these matters.

William Edwards School Uniform Now Available

William Edwards School Uniform now available from:

Snappy Schoolwear – Contact Details
Website: snappyschoolwear.com

Call Caroline on 07834361222

Call Lisa on 07946239505


SNAPPY SCHOOLWEAR will have a pop up shop in the school’s Visitors’ Reception from 10am to 12.45pm on the 26/1, 2/2 and 9/2, with further dates to follow.

UNIFORMWISE’s shop is also open on Saturdays from 10am to 2pm in Stanford Le Hope.


Uniformwise – Contact Details
Website: uniformwise.co.uk
Telephone: 01268 551888
Address: 2 Bells Corner, Fobbing, Stanford Le Hope, Essex, SS17 9HE

If you have any uniform issues please do not hesitate to email uniform@wes.swecet.org, alternatively please telephone the school for information.

Half-Term Rewards Review – Whitmore Autumn

Dear all,

We would like to take this opportunity at the end of the Autumn Term to talk to you about Whitmore’s achievements since September.

To celebrate the end of this term, a variety of different achievements and rewards were given out in House Assembly as congratulations to individuals and tutor groups showing high levels of effort and hard work…

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Warren House Newsletter Christmas 2018

Good afternoon,

Term one seems to have passed by very quickly this year and it is once more time for the annual Warren Christmas Newsletter.

Tutor groups have been competing to win the much coveted inter-tutor cup which is up for grabs at the end of each term.  Champions this term are Miss Levine’s tutor group who have scored a record breaking 61 points!  Tutees celebrated with an afternoon tea of cakes and juice during Tuesday’s pm registration.  Challenges included musical chairs, hula hooping, the great Christmas quiz and the basketball shoot out, to name but a few; a massive well done to all who took part.

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Bruyn House Rewards Update December 2018


Congratulations to all the Bruyn students who have achieved excellent attendance this term. All of our tutor groups have attendance levels that are good or better and Bruyn House remains in the top place when it comes to overall attendance. Each tutor group’s attendance is detailed below and this term Mrs Sandhu’s group are the winners with a grand total of 97.63% overall attendance. Well done to all.

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Rokell House Rewards Update December 2018

Dear All,

We would like to take this opportunity at the end of the Autumn Term to talk to you about Rokell’s achievements since September.

This term has been a very busy one, but you have all worked exceptionally hard and achieved high. To summarise briefly, this term alone 72 Rokell students have achieved 100% attendance, 130 have received 10 or more positive SIMS, 184 have 0 late marks and 89 have 0 negatives SIMS.

To celebrate the end of this term, a variety of different achievements and rewards were given out in House Assembly as congratulations to individuals and tutor groups showing such high levels of effort and hard work…

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