Patrycja Zajaczkowska: 2012-2017

My favourite memory of William Edwards:

My favourite memory of William Edwards would have to be the leavers prom. This is because after leaving school it was nice to come back one more time to see everyone as a whole year group as well as our teachers.

For me, school in general was a good memory in itself as I got to spend time with friend and be in an environment where everyone felt close to each other.

Since leaving William Edwards:

Post 16 education/training – Since leaving William Edwards I attend Palmers College where I study Sport and Exercise Sciences and have already completed the first year of my course.

Next year will be the last year of this course and after this I hope to go to university where I will continue my sport studies.

My proudest achievement:

So far, my biggest personal  achievement since leaving school would have to be balancing my college course, work and also my personal life. For me, sports have always been a hobby and this is also something which I have stuck to throughout college.

My advice to the present pupils of William Edwards – The advice which I would give to present William Edwards’ pupils would be to just enjoy school while they are still there as after that it starts to get harder and they have more responsibilities than they ever did throughout school. Now looking back, everyone at some point in school thought that the teachers ‘don’t know what they are talking about’ or they give grief because they don’t want to be there but realistically the teachers are just trying to do their job and give them the best education they can.

My next goal – My next goal is to complete the last year of my course which will then give me the grades to get into university and continue my studies and keep me on