Molly Verlander: 2012-2017

My favourite memory of William Edwards:

My favourite memory at William Edwards was how friendly I suddenly became with all the teachers once I got into year 10 and 11. They started to treat you like adults. I also loved all the trips I went on. From kings wood in year 7 to Poland Auschwitz trip in year 11. In year 10, I went on the South of France trip and it was the best trip I had ever been on. The year I went, the teachers that went were: Miss McGrane, Mr Greenwood, Mr Turnbull, Miss Rawson and Mr Farrell, couldn’t have gone with a better set of teachers. Times and teachers like this is what made my William Edwards experience amazing.

Since leaving William Edwards:

Post 16 education/training – Since leaving William Edwards, I have attended Palmers College. As much as do love college, there will always be something that doesn’t quite meet up with being in Secondary school. In college, I now study Media studies at a level 3 BTEC. The reason I chose to do media was because I took it as a GCSE and I really enjoyed it and knew I was going to in college too. The reason I chose to study at a BTEC level wasn’t based on my GCSE results but purely on the fact that all I wanted to do was media. This course gave me this option. With a BTEC course, there are no exams at the end of the year, but only coursework deadlines.

My advice to the present pupils of William Edwards – My advice to every single pupil is to always treasure your years at William Edwards. You will never realise how much of an amazing impact it made on your life until it’s gone and you can’t go back. If you are in year 7 or year 11, this is the best part of your life. You may not want to go school some days but it will benefit your life greatly. Always respect every teacher and pupil because they are only there to give you the best opportunity in life.

My next goal – My next/current goal is to leave college and start an apprenticeship in the media. I would like to work my way up to the top and one day be presenting on ITV. Goals like this would never have become a possibility without education.