Michael Portas: 2006-2011

My favourite memory of William Edwards:

My favourite memory is when I achieved a Jack Petchey award, well not only one but three. Which I believe I was the first person to do so at William Edwards and maybe even for the foundation.

Post 16 education/training:

Once I left Williams Edwards I went on to study A-levels at Palmers College. Here I studied Mathematics, Accountancy and Economics.

Higher Education:

Once I finished my A-levels, and after enjoying my time doing my A-level in accountancy so much, I decided to pursue a career in this industry.
I had a hard time finding the right apprenticeships for myself, which was in practice. After almost a year of applying for jobs, going to interviews, I landed an apprenticeship at a top 25 firm. Here I studied for my AAT whilst working and gained the necessary workexperience which would provide invaluable even at this point today.

Career pathways and/or turning points:

Since my first job in accountancy I have moved three times and I have settle at a practice in the West End where we specialise in media and entertainment clients. I am currently still studying and I am coming to the closing stages of completing my ACA qualification which will mean that I will be a Chartered Accountant.
My proudest achievement:

One of my proudest moments is actually achieving a C at English GCSE. There were always concerns not only from myself but also from my parents and teachers whether I would be able to achieve a pass due to being borderline dyslexic.

Life and lifestyle events, hobbies & interests and personal achievements:

I enjoying watching live events, whether that be sporting events such as football, NFL, Wimbledon or gigs and festivals, there’s nothing like being there and taking in the full experience.

I do not really have personal achievements (until I gain my ACA qualification) however, I feel that I am doing well for my age and that I am on right track for what I want in life.

My advice to the present pupils of William Edwards:

Hard work never kills anybody. If you want something, go out and get it. There may be hurdles which come up in life and it’s your choice whether you want to jump over them or not. Your time at school will define who you are later on in life, utilise it while you can.

My next goals:

At my current firm, the youngest which someone has become a partner in the firm is at the age of 31. I would like to try and beat this.