Holly Moore: 2009-2014

My favourite memory of William Edwards:

The South of France trip in Year 10 and representing the school in football and athletics.

Since leaving William Edwards:

I have gone on to become the first in-house solicitor apprentice in the UK, working full time at ITV Studios whilst also studying towards my law degree. At the end of my 6-year apprenticeship I will be a fully qualified lawyer.

Post 16 education/training:

I attended Palmers College and completed A Level’s in Law, Psychology and English Literature, leaving with ABB.

Higher Education:

I am currently attending City University London, in the second year of my law degree.

Career pathways and/or turning points:

The biggest career choice I made was deciding to complete an apprenticeship instead of going to full time university. It has worked out in my favour, as my degree and qualification as a lawyer is fully funded by ITV, leaving me with no university debt and 6 years work experience.

My proudest achievement:

Being featured in ‘The Times’, as the first in-house solicitor apprentice in the UK and achieving a 2:1 in the first year of my law degree whilst working full time.

Life and lifestyle events, hobbies & interests:

I still play football in the Eastern Region Women’s Football League.

Personal achievements:

I complete charity runs every year. This year I will be running 15 miles to raise money for St Luke’s Hospice.

My advice to the present pupils of William Edwards:

Work hard and revise hard, but remember to enjoy your time at school, they really are the best years of your life. The teachers are there to help you, so don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it, and take advantage of all of the extra revision sessions on offer, they make all the difference.

My next goal:

To qualify as a lawyer; only 4 and a half years to go!