Chloe Levelle: 2005-2009

My favourite memory of William Edwards:

Being elected Deputy Head Girl in year 11 and starting a ‘ladies that lunch’ club for any young girls who were struggling to make friends at lunch time.

Since leaving William Edwards:

Post 16 education/training – I went to Palmers College and completed my first year AS Level, I then went onto to an apprenticeship with the University of East London after winning Thurrock’s Next Top Boss

Higher Education – I studied for a BA Undergraduate degree in Event Business Management at UEL and am now completing it with the Open University after going travelling to Australia during my second year.

Career pathways and/or turning points – I have travelled round Australia/Asia and Bali. I currently work for the University College London managing a research department. I also run a non-profit organisation called ‘It’s Nice to be Nice’ where I donate prom dresses and suits to those who are in need.

My proudest achievement – Starting ‘It’s Nice to be Nice’ and seeing how many lives I changed.

Life and lifestyle events, hobbies & interests and personal achievements – I enjoy shopping (predictable), I love travelling to different places, socialising with my friends and family as well as reading and writing fiction. I volunteer for a variety of different charities as well as running ‘It’s Nice to be Nice’.

My advice to the present pupils of William Edwards – Enjoy every moment of school – what I would give to only have to worry about carrying my PE kit as well as my school bag on a daily basis. GCSE’s do matter, whoever tells you they don’t clearly failed theirs. Be bold, be brave to speak out and always strive for more. Listen to your teachers when they give you life lessons and advice about the real world – although I still have never used the Pythagoras theorem since leaving school!!

My next goal – My next goal is to take ‘It’s Nice to be Nice’ national and help as many young people as I can. I am also branching out into work wear to get young people ready for interview!